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This site is called Cactus Are Fun, but really this is a misnomer.  The site is really about different kinds of cacti and succulents, but “Cacti and Succulents Are Fun”  was just too long.  Also many people use the term cactus to refer to both cacti and succulents.  In reality cacti are succulents, but there are other succulents that are not cacti.   Officially, the term cacti only refers to  members of the family Cactaceae, of which there are approximately 2000 species.  Virtually all cacti are from the Americas, so the beautiful Aloes found in South Africa are not really cactus at all, but rather are succulents.  However, now that we know the correct usage of the term cactus, let’s forget it and from now on you will know that when I say cactus, I am really referring to both cacti and succulents.

Cactus are fun!!!!!!  Cactus are fun to collect.  Cactus are fun to propagate.  Cactus are fun to look at.   Why? Because cactus come in so many different shapes and sizes.  Growing cactus is easy (for most species) , as they can be grown from seeds and from  cuttings.  Besides the many unusual shapes and sizes, cactus also have beautiful flowers that come in all the colors of the rainbow. So remember, cactus are fun!!

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